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Rock Antenne 106.8 FM German Rock Music from Munich Ger...

Munich's 106.8 FM Rock Antenne GmbH & CO. KG is the ultimate on-line rock station currently playing on internet radio. Rock Antenne is the source for local and foreign rock music. Tune i...
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Eldoradio German Rock Music from Luxembourg Germany

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Sputnik German Rock Music from Halle Germany

Sputnik German Rock is an adventurous rock and roll station online that will let you and your friends keep the party rolling until all hours of the night. Don’t believe me? Log on to spu...
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Hardest Hits German Rock Music from Munich Germany

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Macjingle Heartbeat German Rock Music from Vienna Austr...

Based in Vienna, Austria, Macjingle has several web radio stations available to suit the musical taste of nearly every music fan on the globe. It is easy to find everything from soft roc...
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FFH German Rock Music from Frankfurt Germany

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VHR Nostalgie German Rock Music from Baden Württemberg ...

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Sputnik Live German Rock Music from Halle Germany

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NRJ 104.2 Rock FM German Rock Music from Vienna Austria

NRJ Austria is found at 104.2 FM locally. Playing the latest in music hits, NRJ is Austria’s authority on pop, R&B and top 40 music hits. This station conveys a youthful and cutting edg...
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Storfunk 94.5 FM German Rock Music from Muchen Germany

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Antenne Vorarlberg Classic Rock Music from Dornbirn Aus...

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