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Some people just have one type of music that they listen to. For these people, picking one radio station and sticking with it is just fine. But other people are musical connoisseurs with broad and eclectic tastes in music. They might love hearing Johnny Cash as much as they love listening to Eminem or Miles Davis. Listening to online radio stations can seem impossible for these types of musical gourmands -- trying to fill their appetite for all kinds of music leads to switching through different online radio stations while trying to get the perfect mix of tracks to fit their current mood.

If you crave variety radio, then has everything you could ever want. No matter how eclectic or offbeat your musical choices are, we have radio stations that can match your unique personality. We’ve scoured the world to find the best collection of radio stations playing the most innovative and unusual collection of music possible. Best of all, it’s all free music ! This means that if you want to experiment with different stations until you find the perfect mix, all you need to do is click on a different station. is a perfect choice for the eclectic music lover.

Active 89 FM Variety Radio from Wellington New Zealand

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KMXW 100.9 FM Variety Music from Reno

Get your mix on with KMXW 100.9 FM, Fargo’s best bet for a great mix of music, weather, information, and good times. Whether you’re from the Fargo area or just visiting North Dakota, you...
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CKX 96.1 Bob FM Variety Music from Brandon

KX96 is Western Manitoba's only variety station. The best of the old and the best of the new is how KX96 plays Westman's Best Variety music. Serving a listening area that reaches all o...
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KCBS 93.1 Jack FM Variety Radio from Columbia

'Two simple rules,' says Columbia, Missouri’s KCBS 93.1 Jack FM: 'No requests. No DJ’s.' They play what they want. These golden rules make Jack FM the latest concept in variety radio. Li...
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WPST 94.5 FM Variety Radio Music from Philadelphia

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Pacifique Radio Variety Radio from Antwerp Belgium

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RTR 92.1 FM Variety Radio from Perth Australia

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CFLG 104.5 FM Variety Radio from Cornwall

For true variety in Ottawa’s Cornwall and Seaway Valley region, you can’t beat Variety CFLG 104.5 FM. With the best mix of the 80’s, 90’s, and today, you’ll hear more of the music you li...
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WHAT 1340 AM Hispanic Music from Philadelphia

Throughout the history of American Radio there have been unique innovators who have forged a completely new and different path and thus established a completely fresh and different forma...
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CIGV 100.7 Giant FM Variety Music from Penticton

100.7 keeps it local and community minded with the best country music, spiritual programming, and local news and events all day, every day. Dennis Walker and Scott Robinson will brin...
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WWMP 103.3 FM Variety Radio from Burlington

Burlington, Vermont has the edgiest radio station that plays “Whatever. Whenever” – WWMP 103.3 FM. Self described as an ‘I-pod on shuffle with a 25,000-watt antenna sticking out the top’...
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KMXP 96.9 The Mix FM Variety Radio from Phoenix

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