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Some people just have one type of music that they listen to. For these people, picking one radio station and sticking with it is just fine. But other people are musical connoisseurs with broad and eclectic tastes in music. They might love hearing Johnny Cash as much as they love listening to Eminem or Miles Davis. Listening to online radio stations can seem impossible for these types of musical gourmands -- trying to fill their appetite for all kinds of music leads to switching through different online radio stations while trying to get the perfect mix of tracks to fit their current mood.

If you crave variety radio, then has everything you could ever want. No matter how eclectic or offbeat your musical choices are, we have radio stations that can match your unique personality. We’ve scoured the world to find the best collection of radio stations playing the most innovative and unusual collection of music possible. Best of all, it’s all free music ! This means that if you want to experiment with different stations until you find the perfect mix, all you need to do is click on a different station. is a perfect choice for the eclectic music lover.

WOGT 107.9 Big FM Variety Music from Chattanooga

Featuring 20 variety songs in a row and a full day of great music, check out WOGT 107.9 FM today. Whether you’re into Rascal Flatts or Willie Nelson, you’ll find a great mix of music on ...
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KMXW 100.9 FM Variety Music from Reno

Get your mix on with KMXW 100.9 FM, Fargo’s best bet for a great mix of music, weather, information, and good times. Whether you’re from the Fargo area or just visiting North Dakota, you...
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Hot96 Radio Variety Music from London England

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WMTX 100.7 Mix FM Variety Radio from Tampa

Tampa Bay, Florida gets its variety music from WMTX Mix 100.7 FM. For listeners with a wide taste in great music, the Mix 100.7 FM is that station for you. Tune in for great songs from h...
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KSSK 92.3 FM Variety Radio from Honolulu

Found on both AM 590 and FM 92.3 call signals, Hawaii’s KSSK is able to reach a diverse group of people with today’s best mix of variety radio. KSSK plays the best mix of music from yest...
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KCCQ 105.1 Now1051 FM Variety Music from Des Moines

Variety Music from the 90s to Now.
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WWAV-DB Smooth Jazz Music from College Park

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CHTT 103.1 Jack FM Variety Radio Station from Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia’s CHTT 103.1 JACK FM offers listeners the very best in variety radio, making jackaholics out of first time listeners. Hear the hottest new songs from artists l...
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WMMX 107.7 Mix FM Variety Radio from Dayton

WMMX Mix 107.7 FM is Dayton, Ohio’s variety music station, playing all your favorite music from the 70's, 80's, 90’s, and now. Tune in for all the news, traffic, and weather updates you ...
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WVR 97.1 Delta FM Variety Music from Kiel Germany

WVR Delta 97.1 FM broadcasts great variety music from past and present on four FM frequencies 97.1, 101.6, 101.8 and 102. Delta FM is your local radio station for Haslemere, Alton, Bordo...
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CKUA 94.9 FM Variety Radio from Edmonton

CKUA 94.9 FM radio came into existence at the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton back in 1927. The idea was to provide a sense of educational radio for its listeners and to provide...
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Future Radio 96.9 FM Variety DJ Mixes from Norwich Engl...

Future Radio is Norwich's community radio station, broadcasting on 96.9FM and Over 150 people make up the team of presenters, producers, editors, sound engineers and r...
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