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Some people just have one type of music that they listen to. For these people, picking one radio station and sticking with it is just fine. But other people are musical connoisseurs with broad and eclectic tastes in music. They might love hearing Johnny Cash as much as they love listening to Eminem or Miles Davis. Listening to online radio stations can seem impossible for these types of musical gourmands -- trying to fill their appetite for all kinds of music leads to switching through different online radio stations while trying to get the perfect mix of tracks to fit their current mood.

If you crave variety radio, then has everything you could ever want. No matter how eclectic or offbeat your musical choices are, we have radio stations that can match your unique personality. Weíve scoured the world to find the best collection of radio stations playing the most innovative and unusual collection of music possible. Best of all, itís all free music ! This means that if you want to experiment with different stations until you find the perfect mix, all you need to do is click on a different station. is a perfect choice for the eclectic music lover.

WSLR 96.5 FM Variety Music from Sarasota

WSLR is an innovative, listener-supported, non-profit, non-commercial FM radio station dedicated to serving the Sarasota community. WSLR features locally produced programming and present...
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KRCL 90.9 FM Variety Radio Station from Saint George

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WJMK 104.3 Jack FM Variety Radio from Chicago

Chicagoís WJMK 104.3 Jack FM is a brand new concept in radio stations. Jack FM plays thousands of different songs performed by hundreds of different artists in a number of different musi...
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Twin Cities Smooth Jazz Music from Minneapolis

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CKNG 92.5 Fresh FM Variety Radio from Edmontons

CKNG 92.5 Fresh FM plays the very best music from the 80ís and the 90ís, great hits from today, and anything else the DJs feel like playing! With a wide-open musical format and fun on-ai...
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KYCH 97.1 Charlie FM Variety Radio from Portland

Portlandís number one variety radio station is on KYCH 97.1 Ė Charlie FM. Listen to all your favorite tracks by artists like Beyonce, Coldplay, George Michael, and Aerosmith on the stati...
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Merge 98 Variety Radio from Marietta

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The Morning Coffee Mix Variety Radio from Baytown

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KMXB 94.1 Mix FM Variety Music from Las Vegas

Under the Las Vegas lights lies a radio station that perfectly encapsulates the beats and bright lights of the city that never sleeps. Featuring countdowns galore and a whole lot of grea...
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WRRK 96.9 Bob FM Variety Radio from Pittsburgh

Coming to you from Braddock, Pennsylvania, and serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, WRRK 96.9 Bob FM offers an entirely different radio listening experience. People today have d...
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AKAradio Variety Radio from Los Angeles

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CJSB 104.5 FM Variety Radio from Swan River

The Voice of the Valley brings you the best variety radio station in Canada at CJSB 104.5. With the hosts that keep you thinking and the music that makes you want to dance, CJSB 104.5 Va...
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