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Z Talk Radio Network Paranormal Talk Radio from Madison

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WPR 970 Ideas AM News Talk Radio from Madison

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WMMM 105.5 Triple M FM Adult Contemporary Music from Ma...

When youíre ready to listen to the best adult alternative music of yesterday and today, tune your radio dial to 105.5 FM, Madisonís WMMM Triple M. Tune in for the widest catalogue of qua...
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WXXM 92.1 The Mic FM News Talk Radio from Madison

WXXM The Mic 92.1 FM is proud to feature a programming schedule which brings to the Madison Wisconsin region famous national commentators such as Randi Rhodes, one of America's first pol...
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WOZN 1670 The Zone AM Sports Radio from Madison

Join many of your fellow Wisconsin citizens in tuning into WOZN 1670 AM to get all the information you need and the controversial and entertaining talk you want. All the latest news and ...
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WJQM 93.1 Madtown Jamz FM Hip Hop Music from Madison

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WNWC 102.5 Life FM College Stations Music from Madison

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WERN 88.7 FM Classical Music from Madison

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WMHX 105.1 Mix FM Soft Rock Music from Madison

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WSUM 91.7 University of Wisconsin FM College Station Mu...

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