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KODJ 94.1 FM Retro 70s Music from Salt Lake City

When you’re tuning your radio, searching for the Super Hits of the ‘60s and ‘70s, there’s no better place to stop your tuner than on Salt Lake City’s favorite oldies station, KODJ 94.1 F...
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KBEE 98.7 FM Easy Listening Music from Salt Lake City

If you want to hear the best hits of America’s Top 40 radio, turn your dial to KBEE 98.7 FM. You won’t be disappointed. A sample of the music you might hear includes Teardrops on My G...
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KBER 101.1 FM Alternative Rock Music from Salt Lake Cit...

KBER 101.1 is synonymous with the top-rated mainstream rock station in Salt Lake City, Utah today. From rock to classic rock, hard rock to pop rock to heavy metal, alternative and punk, ...
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KALL 700 ESPN AM Sports Radio from Salt Lake City

It has to be admitted that some of the most gung ho sports fans in the nation can be found in Utah, and the sports radio station that is trusted by more area sports fans than any other i...
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KTKK 630 AM News Talk Radio from Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City sports fans have relied upon the experienced and seasoned sports department at KTKK 630 AM to provide all the late-breaking and pertinent news from the NBA's Utah Jazz and...
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KENZ 101.9 End FM Alternative Rock Music from Salt Lake...

If you’re looking for true variety in a radio station, check out Salt Lake City, Utah’s KENZ 101.9 FM The End. With a catalogue that blends alternative, adult alternative, pop, and acou...
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KBZN 97.9 Breeze FM Smooth Jazz Music from Salt Lake Ci...

When you’re looking for smooth jazz to soothe your soul, Salt Lake City, Utah’s KBZN 97.9 FM The Breeze is the only station for you. The Breeze is Utah’s only smooth jazz station bringin...
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KNRS 570 AM News Talk Radio from Salt Lake City

The esteemed and award-winning news department at KNRS 570 AM is well regarded for its outstanding adeptness in broadcasting balanced world, state, local, US, emergency, environmental, b...
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KISN 96.7 FM Top 40 Music from Bozeman

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KSFI 100.3 FM Easy Listening Music from Salt Lake City

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KSL 1160 AM News Talk Radio from Salt Lake City

All the latest news and information is always on KSL 1160 AM, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. When the Salt Lake City Utah metro area craves the most trustworthy news,...
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KEGA 101.5 The Eagle FM Country Music from Salt Lake C...

If it’s nonstop country music that you want day-in and day-out, then Salt Lake City's Nonstop Country KEGA 101.5 The Eagle FM is definitely the station for you. Appealing to the passion...
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