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Superior radio programming edifies, amuses and enlightens both the students of Amarillo College and the surrounding Amarillo community who tune in to listen to KACV 89.9 FM. The programming on KACV 89.9 FM is reflective of the taste of its audience. The type of programs aired, the selection of music, any improvements made are all for the purpose of satisfying the audience in the Amarillo College and the Amarillo community alike. The high quality broadcast schedule of KACV 89.9 FM at Amarillo College is geared toward capturing the interest of the Amarillo community, encouraging members to work together toward common goals and to be more tolerant and considerate of each other. Radio is used as a means to encourage original expression and community dialogue. The community of Amarillo and the student body of Amarillo College can enjoy a schedule loaded with music, cultural expressions and other programming that promotes awareness of, and dialogue about, local and global issues. Facets of art, culture and politics that are not usually discussed on the normal commercial radio station are primary items of debate on Amarillo College's KACV 89.9 FM.

Evenings are the memorable on KACV 89.9 FM, with a programming schedule that includes: 5 pm to 8 pm When It Began, 8 pm to 10 pm Indy Show, 10 pm to Midnight All Request Show.

The Amarillo local residents are the executives of KACV 89.9 FM, not commercial broadcast corporations. The programming is centered not around commercials but on the things that matter to listeners in the Amarillo area. Students and members of the community alike are offered an opportunity to express themselves creatively on KACV 89.9 FM with its open programming and broadcast style that differs greatly from the norm. Any Amarillo College student can take the initiative to play a role in areas of hosting, announcing or even developing and producing programs. Those students who major in Broadcast and Journalism can derive hands on, direct experience which will be invaluable for their future careers.
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