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WRVR 104.5 River FM Soft Rock Music from Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee gets its continuous soft rock on WRVR 104.5 FM The River. For listeners that want the most music with the least head banging, 104.5 FM is the perfect alternative stati...
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KXHT 107.1 Hot FM Hip Hop Music from Memphis

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WBBP 1480 Bountiful Blessings FM Black Gospel Music fro...

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WXMX 98.1 The Max FM Classic Rock Music from Memphis

Zeke and Drake are your hosts in the morning on WXMX 98.1 The Max. This due of cool cats know the kind of rock music that Tennessee likes to hear, and they play it for you to help you ge...
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WGKX 105.9 Kix 106 FM Country Music from Memphis

Looking for today’s best country hits to keep you two stepping all day and night? Look no farther than WGKX 105.9 FM. You’ll hear songs like “Don’t Think I Can’t Love you” by Jake Owen, ...
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WHBQ 107.5 FM Top 40 Music from Memphis

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WEGR 102.7 FM Classic Rock Music from Memphis

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WKIM 98.9 FM News Talk Radio from Memphis

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WEVL 89.9 FM Variety Radio from Memphis

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