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WEZX 106.9 FM Classic Rock Music from Scranton

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WUSR 99.5 University of Scranton FM College Station Mus...

WUSR 99.5 FM is the non-commercial college and community radio station that engrosses and intrigues the Scranton Pennsylvania region with 'round the clock local news coverage, plus alter...
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WGGY 101.3 Froggy FM Country Music from Scranton

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WFUZ 92.1 Fuzz FM Alternative Rock Music from Scranton

Scranton’s best new and alternative rock is on WGUZ 92.1 FM. Tune in for great music from energetic on-air personalities, cool radio programming, and the most music with the fewest inter...
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WDDH 97.5 The Hound FM Country Music from Scranton

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WDMT 102.3 The Mountain FM Retro 80s Music from Scranto...

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