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XMusic Radio Classic Rock Music from Columbus

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XMusic Radio MusicMix Variety Music from Columbus

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WUFM 88.7 FM Christian Alternative Rock Music from Colu...

WUFM - RadioU 88.7 FM is the superior Christian Praise radio station that lifts the Columbus Ohio area with the finest inspirational religious and spiritual conversations, lectures, serm...
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XMusic Radio 90s Rock Music from Columbus

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WJZA 103.5 Rewind FM Classic Hits Music from Columbus

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WCKX 107.5 Power FM R&B Music from Columbus

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WCVO 104.9 River FM Christian Contemporary Music from C...

WCVO 104.9 FM is the consummate Christian Praise radio station that lifts the Columbus Ohio region with the most distinguished preachers, the most glorified messages, plus conversations,...
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The Healing Wind Prophetic & Spontaneous Worship Music ...

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WXMG 106.3 Magic FM R&B Music from Columbus

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WOSU 89.7 FM Classical Music from Columbus

Featuring digital and HD radio, WOSU 89.7 FM is a great option for fans of public radio and the latest technology. WOSU features a whole line of concerts and events from Ohio State Unive...
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