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WZFX 99.1 Foxy 99 FM R&B Music from Fayetteville

If you love Hip Hop and R&B music, then there’s a station in North Carolina that you should listen to. That station is WZFX 99.1 FM, also known as Foxy 99. On this station, you’ll get th...
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WUKS 107.7 Kiss FM R&B Music from Fayetteville

With smooth R&B and classic soul, WUKS 107.7 FM continues to pull in listeners from around the world. Featuring great tunes and a relaxing attitude towards life, WUKS is located in Fayet...
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WKML 95.7 FM Country Music from Fayetteville

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WQSM 98.1 Q98 FM Variety Music from Fayetteville

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WFSS 91.9 FM Smooth Jazz Music from Fayetteville

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