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WDKX 103.9 FM Hip Hop Music from Rochester

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WFKL 93.3 Fickle FM Variety Radio from Rochester

With Rochester, New York’s WFKL 93.3 Fickle FM, radio is random. Listeners can constantly be surprised by the random selection of great music by artists like the Mamas and the Papas, Ire...
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WQBW 95.1 The Brew FM Classic Rock Music from Rochester

WQBW 95.1 FM, also known as The Brew, is Rochester, New York’s station where you can hear classic rock all day every day. On this station, you can hear great artists like Eric Clapton, R...
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WHTK 1280 Hot Talk AM Sports Radio from Rochester

It has to be admitted that some of the most gung ho sports fans in the nation can be found in New York, and there is one radio station in the area which has an unparalleled reputation fo...
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WVOR 100.5 The Drive FM Soft Rock Music from Rochester

WVOR 100.5 FM, also known as My Drive FM, is the place in New York to hear the best in Adult Contemporary music. If you like Adult Contemporary music, this is the radio station for you. ...
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WYSL 1040 AM News Talk Radio from Rochester

WYSL 1040 AM celebrates twenty years of broadcasting long list of firsts including the first all-news format, first with a long list of fabled national talk radio hosts, first commercial...
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WITR 89.7 Rochester Institute of Technology FM College ...

Rochester New York listeners are provided a significant number of avenues by which they can participate in the broadcasts of WITR 89.7 FM. Phone calls, letters, tapes, performances, atte...
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WKGS 106.7 Kiss FM Top 40 Music from Rochester

WKGS - 106.7 Kiss FM is the greatest new hits radio station that lifts the Rochester New York area with constant hits from the most fascinating recording stars around the world. WKGS - 1...
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WBZA 98.9 Buzz FM Retro 80s Music from Rochester

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WXXI 91.5 FM Classical Music from Rochester

WXXI 91.5 FM is your home in New York for the very best in classical music. There is no other station that features as much music along with local features that are important to the Roch...
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WRUR 88.5 University of Rochester FM College Station Mu...

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WLGZ 102.7 Legends FM Variety Music from Rochester

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