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WMID 1340 Classic Oldies AM Oldies 60s Music from Atlan...

South Jersey’s Home for Classic Oldies is WMID 1340 AM. Based around the concept of bringing back those old days of the sock hops, the malt shops, and drive thru windows that usually fea...
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WAYV 95.1 FM Top 40 Music from Atlantic City

WAYV 95.1 FM is the unmatched hits radio station that lifts the Atlantic City New Jersey area with 24 hour a day hits from the hottest stars around the world. WAYV 95.1 FM is the radio s...
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WPUR 107.3 Cat Country FM Country Music from Atlantic C...

South Jersey’s continuous country music station is WPUR 107.3 FM. Affectionately dubbed Cat Country, WPUR (get it?) is based out of Northfield in New Jersey state. With frequent mobile u...
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WWAC 102.7 Ace FM Alternative Rock Music from Atlantic ...

With the best music from your favorite artists and today’s newest bands, Atlantic City’s The Ace 102.7 FM is ‘The Station That Defines Rock!’ Featuring 40 minutes of guaranteed music ev...
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WNJN 89.7 FM News Talk Radio from Atlantic City

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