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WFMK 99.1 FM Easy Listening Music from Lansing

The best in variety radio can only be found on Lansing, Michiganís WFMK 99.1 FM. With the best mix of your favorites from the past and the hits of today WFMK 99.1 is the place to park y...
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WMMQ 94.9 FM Classic Rock Music from Lansing

WMMQ 94.9 FM is Lansing, Michiganís classic rock station, featuring songs from the biggest acts in rock history. With one classic after another, plus news, traffic and weather, Michigan...
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WPLZ-DB Plazma FM Variety Music from Lansing

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WJIM 1240 Big Talker AM News Talk Radio from Lansing

Listeners around the Lansing Michigan region turn to WJIM 1240 AM for the most controversial and exciting nationally syndicated commentators, such as the Rush Limbaugh Show featuring the...
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WITL 100.7 FM Country Music from Lansing

WITL 100.7 FM broadcasts the best of country music around the clock for country fans in Lansing, Michigan. Throughout the day, listeners are sure to hear their favorite top 40 country hi...
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