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KQXL 106.5 FM R&B Music from Baton Rouge

KQXL 106.5 FM entertains Baton Rouge listeners and those turned in to the FM band at this location. It offers a mix of urban contemporary music, classic soul recordings and R&B. Its targ...
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WJFM 88.5 Christian Programming from Baton Rouge

For a good solid dose of Biblical teaching and Spiritual Truth like only Jimmy Swaggart can do, tune your dial to Jimmy Swaggart’s online website and tune in life to the SonLife Radio Ne...
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WYNK 101.5 FM Country Music from Baton Rouge

WYNK 101.5 FM is the best station in the Baton Rouge area to hear all of the best country music. Not only does this station have great country music all day every day, they have wonderfu...
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WFMF 102.5 FM Top 40 Music from Baton Rouge

WFMF 102.5 FM is the top hits radio station that enthralls the Baton Rouge Louisiana area with constant hits from the most interesting music superstars in the entertainment world. WFMF 1...
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KRVE 96.1 The River FM Adult Contemporary Music from Ba...

KRVE 96.1 FM is also known as Baton Rouge’s 96.1 “The River” station. Transmitting out of Louisiana, it plays adult contemporary music, primarily lite rock. With a motto that states “Lit...
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WEMX 94.1 Max FM Hip Hop Music from Baton Rouge

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WJBO 1150 AM News Talk Radio from Baton Rouge

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KLSU 91.1 Louisiana State University FM College Station...

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