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WJIZ 96.3 FM Hip Hop Music from Albany

A Clear Channel station has a tendency to melt into other Clear Channel stations. The media groupís stations often lack individuality, instead owing to a greater format that makes the st...
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WJYZ 960 The Light AM Black Gospel Music from Albany

Inspirational and uplifting, Albanyís WJYZ 960 AM is a radio station to soothe your nerves and meet your needs. It is based in Christian culture, certainly, but there is nothing on Alban...
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WQVE 101.7 R&B Music from Albany

WQVE 101.7 FM, is Atlantaís hottest new radio property. Featuring the best R&B music around from any era, WQVE 101.7 FM is going through a bit of a remodeling process at the moment. Itís...
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