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KEGY 103.7 Energy FM Top 40 Music from San Diego

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XPRS 105.7 The Walrus FM Classic Hits Music from San Di...

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XHRM 92.5 Magic FM R&B Music from San Diego

XHRM-FM or Magic 92.5 is an Urban Oldies outlet licensed in the Mexican state of Baja California and is operated by Finest City Broadcasting of San Diego, California, United States. The ...
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Inside Jazz Fusion Music from San Diego

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KHTS 93.3 FM Top 40 Music from San Diego

KHTS - Channel 93.3 FM is the maximum hits radio station that pleases the San Diego California area with continuous hits from the most mesmerizing musicians in the country. KHTS - Channe...
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KIOZ 105.3 Rock FM Rock Music from San Diego

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XHTZ 90.3 Jammin Z90 FM Top 40 Music from San Diego

If you love today's current hits, then thereís a station in San Diego that you should listen to. That station is XHTZ, and you can find it at 90.3 FM on your radio dial. On this station,...
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XTRA 91.1 FM Alternative Rock Music from San Diego

For progressive rock in Southern California, thereís no better station than XETRA 91.1 FM. San Diegoís 91X blasts the best new rock all day long for North and South California. Tune in f...
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KIFM 98.1 FM Smooth Jazz Music from San Diego

For the best and most unique sound in San Diego, turn your dial to KIFM 98.1 FM Smooth Jazz. For all the classic and contemporary Jazz hits you want, the local news information you need,...
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KOGO 600 AM News Talk Radio from San Diego

When the San Diego California region seeks the most relevant news, and meaningful and pertinent talk from the most news worthy opinion leaders, the top preference is KOGO 600 AM, the tal...
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KSDS 88.3 FM Smooth Jazz Music from San Diego

For great music and up-to-date news on the arts in San Diego, turn the dial to 88.3 Jazz FM. With music choices that will make you want to toe tap your way through the day and up to date...
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KYXY 96.5 FM Adult Contemporary Music from San Diego

KYXY 96.5 FM is a radio station based in San Diego, California operating under CBS Radio Network and broadcasts in HD Radio. Itís specialized in playing adult contemporary music for its ...
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