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KMGV 97.9 Mega FM R&B Music from Fresno

With a mega mix of the best oldies you’ll find anywhere, KMGV 97.9 FM is your best bet to chill out and spend some time. Catch up with old friends, get down to some smooth grooves, and k...
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KSOF 98.9 FM Soft Rock Music from Fresno

Whether you’re young or old, Fresno, California’s KSOF Soft Rock 98.9 FM has the tune for you! If you are a fan of easy listening songs where you “can see clearly now” with Jimmy Cliff,...
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KBOS 94.9 FM Top 40 Music from Fresno

KBOS - B95 FM is the prime Top 40 radio station that moves the Fresno California area with 24 hour a day hits from the newest music superstars to be found anywhere. KBOS - B95 FM is toda...
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KRZR 107.3 FM Rock and Roll Music from Fresno

Rock fans rejoice! Fresno, California has a rock station dedicated to playing nothing but great rock music, twenty-four-seven. Tune in to KRZR 107.3 FM for the best mix of classic rock a...
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KVPR 89.3 FM Classical Music from Fresno

Since our incorporation in 1975, Valley Public Radio has been a leader in providing classical music, cultural arts, National Public Radio news, and innovative local programming to the li...
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KFSR 90.7 FM Trad Jazz Music from Fresno

California State University Fresno's KFSR 90.7 FM features a comprehensive 24 hour schedule of quality non commercial community programming for the Fresno area listening audience: 6 am t...
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KJWL 99.3 K Jewel FM Variety Music from Fresno

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