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Some people don’t know that the term “fan” is short for “fanatic.” But if you are passionate about sports, that will make sense to you; sports are more than a game for you -- they are a way of life. Sports fans listen to sports radio to hear about the latest news that impacts their favorite teams and also to call in and give their opinion. The advent of Internet radio has allowed people all over the world to get involved in sports talk radio -- now people in Russia can call in to talk about the latest NFL game, or a fan in New Jersey can give their opinion on Spanish soccer. gives sports fans everywhere one place to come to hear the latest sports news and opinions. We have free radio sports stations from across the United States, letting you get an idea of what sports fans are talking about all across the country along with stations in the UK and Australia. And if you need to take a break from all of the sports talk, we also have collected the best free online music stations from around the world, making it easy to immediately find a station that fits your mood. Whether you need music to pump you up for the game or calm you down after, you can find it here.

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