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The largest of the seven Canary Islands is the Spanish island Tenerife. Located in the Atlantic Ocean off of the coast of Africa, it is a beautiful location and the most populous of the Canaries as well. While it may seem like an exotic locale with not much in common with us in our hustling and bustling way of life out here in the Western world, there is actually a lot of commonalities with Tenerife and our lifestyles. For one, QFM 94.3 radio plays a great mix of jazz, soul, and blues that many North American listeners would find comforting and unique. When QFM hit the airwaves, a lot about Tenerife wasn’t known to the world. As a radio station, it focused on a local population and played a mix of music that most of us wouldn’t recognize.

But as time passed, Tenerife’s QFM 94.3 changed along with it. Today, you’ll find a great mix of funk, jazz, soul, blues, and world music on Tenerife’s radio station of choice. Grooves from over 100 countries now make up the playlists of QFM, giving a whole new sense of energy to the station and granting an international audience something to tap their feet to. Music from the Bahama Soul Club, hiGhFidElity, Fourplay ft Esperanza Spalding, Freddie Hubbard, Claus Zundel, Queen of the Gipsy, and more fill the airwaves with great musical selection the likes of which most of us here in the West have never heard. At the same time, the music on QFM sounds entirely familiar as the grooves from the instruments and the sounds of the voices create a universal sense of class and excitement that few among us can deny.

To connect with an international audience is a huge responsibility, but by using music from over 100 countries and expanding its horizons beyond smooth jazz, QFM 94.3 is breaking the boundaries that many American radio stations still hide behind. Done with demographics and forcing through on a new path, QFM rocks the house in Tenerife and is sexy and sassy enough to please any tourist or music fan from anywhere in the world. Check it out the next time you’re in the Canary Islands or listen online at qmusica.com.
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