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hereís a reason why there has been a resurgence in the popularity of soul music in recent years: the power of the music and the depths of emotions conveyed by the singers and musicians speaks to everyoneís emotions. Whether itís the joy of new love or the pain of a broken heart, everyone can relate to the feelings being expressed through soul. Thatís why a crop of young, talented artists such as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy have recently dominated the record charts and gained massive radio airplay in the United States and abroad by bringing a modern flair to traditional soul music.

No matter what style of soul music you love, the best place to find your favorite music online is We feature radio stations playing classic soul tunes from Motown to Memphis and every spot in between, along with the most recent neo soul tracks combining traditional and modern soul sounds. Unlike other Internet radio options that are just computer-programmed selections of songs, brings together radio stations featuring knowledgeable DJs putting together incredible set lists of powerful soul music. is the one place that discerning fans should stop for their daily dose of great soul.

KRIZ 1420 AM Soul Music from Seattle

KRIZ 1420 AM is the leading Soul station that enlightens the Seattle Washington area with the most enlightening love and soul music from yesterday's memories to today's popular choices. ...
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WROX 1450 AM Soul Music from Clarksdale

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