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WSUS 102.3 FM Soft Rock Music from Sussex

Flick off the hard rock, and tune into the softer side of music with WSUS 102.3 FM in Sussex County, New Jersey. Tune in for the ‘Best Variety of Soft Rock’ from all your favorite artist...
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Rock Radio Soft Rock Music from Palo Alto

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KOIT 96.5 FM Soft Rock Music from San Francisco

Based out of San Francisco, California, KOIT 96.5 FM is your destination for loads of lite rock and a whole heck of a lot less jibber-jabber. If you’re tired of radio hosts babbling on f...
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WHUD 100.7 FM Soft Rock Music from Peekskill

Celebrating 35 years of classic and new soft rock in the Westchester and Hudson Valley area, WHUD 100.7 FM is the place to listen when you want to sit back, and relax. 100.7 plays all th...
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KBHR 93.3 FM Soft Rock Music from Big Bear

With a focus on community service as well as the best adult alternative music, Big Bear’s KBHR 93.3 FM is truly a one-of-a-kind radio station. Tune in for a broad musical catalogue and p...
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WVOR 100.5 The Drive FM Soft Rock Music from Rochester

WVOR 100.5 FM, also known as My Drive FM, is the place in New York to hear the best in Adult Contemporary music. If you like Adult Contemporary music, this is the radio station for you. ...
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KMTT 103.7 The Mountain FM Soft Rock Music from Seattle

Seattle’s KMTT 103.7 FM The Mountain is ‘Breaking the Sound-Alike Barrier.’ Featuring a great blend of artists from the many genres of rock, The Mountain is Seattle’s source for a wide v...
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WMJX 106.7 Magic FM Soft Rock Music from Boston

Magic 106.7 FM is Boston’s continuous soft rock station, playing hit music from artists like Faith Hill, Eric Clapton, Eddie Rabbit and many more. Boston, home of the historical and the...
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WSBG 93.5 Lite FM Soft Rock Music from Stroudsburg

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania’s station for Lite Rock is WSBG 93.5 FM – Lite Rock, Less Talk. This great variety radio station appeals to women from age 24-54 with hits spanning from the 1...
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WLQT 99.9 Lite FM Soft Rock Music from Dayton

A Clear Channel station based out of Dayton, Ohio, WLQT 99.9 FM features all of your lite rock favorites 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tune in locally or log on to the website locat...
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KJYE 92.3 The Vault FM Soft Rock Music from Grand Junct...

For the best Light Rock hits of the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and now, tune into Grand Junction, Colorado’s 92.3 KJYE. They play all the best songs, from the greatest artists of every era. Colorad...
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WAFY 103.1 Key 103 FM Soft Rock Music from Frederick

Relax and unwind with WAFY 103.1 FM soft rock classics. Tune in around the clock for your favorite mellow classics from artists like Sting, Faith Hill, Rod Stewart, Kelly Clarkson, Sara ...
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