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KRZR 107.3 FM Rock and Roll Music from Fresno

Rock fans rejoice! Fresno, California has a rock station dedicated to playing nothing but great rock music, twenty-four-seven. Tune in to KRZR 107.3 FM for the best mix of classic rock a...
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KBRQ 102.5 Bear FM Rock and Roll Music from Waco

If you love rock music and quality programming, then KBRQ 102.5 The Bear FM is the station for you. You won’t be subjected to any easy listening or romantic love tunes on KBRQ 102.5 The ...
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CKWF 101.5 The Wolf FM Rock and Roll Music from Peterbo...

Central Ontario’s best rock, CKWF 101.5 FM the Wolf is spreading its brand of rock music justice throughout the airwaves of the region. With a great mix of music from all sorts of rock a...
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Sky Pilot Radio 60s 70s Rock Music from Des Moines

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WHJY 94.1 FM Rock and Roll Music from Providence

Providence, New England’s WHJY 94.1 FM is the home of Rock N’ Roll. Tune in for all the classic artists like Aerosmith, Journey, and Guns N’ Roses, and new artists like Evanescence, Thee...
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WMMR 93.3 FM Rock and Roll Music from Philadelphia

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KQMT 99.5 The Mountain FM Rock and Roll Music from Denv...

Rock fans in Denver Colorado get the best album rock music from KQMT 99.5 FM – The Mountain. 99.5 FM operates under two principles: ‘Respect for the music’, and ‘Respect for the Communit...
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WHQG 102.9 The Hog FM Rock and Roll Music from Milwauke...

Wisconsin residents are known to be Packer fans and cheese lovers, but they also know how to rock. So they turn to WHQG 102.9 FM to hear Nickelback, Judas Priest, Guns N’ Roses because t...
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WAQX 95.7 FM Rock and Roll Music from Syracuse

Syracuse, New York is listening to the best rock music on WAQX 95.7 FM. True rock fans will love a play list with classic rock artists like AC/DC, Van Halen, and Aerosmith, and new artis...
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WEDG 103.3 Edge FM Rock and Roll Music from Buffalo

Rock radio lives in Buffalo, New York on WEDG 103.3 FM. Tune in to all your favorite rock tracks from artists and bands like Goo Goo Dolls, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Religion, and Linki...
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KTAL 98.1 Rocks FM Rock and Roll Music from Bossier Cit...

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WIOT 104.7 FM Rock and Roll Music from Toledo

WIOT 104.7 FM keeps Toledo, Ohio rocking with their extensive hard rock playlists and amazing programming lineup. Any time of day, listeners are sure to hear rock hits from artists like ...
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