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KRFX 103.5 The Fox FM Classic Rock Music from Denver

KRFX 103.5 FM is the quintessential classic rock station broadcasting from Denver, Colorado. A mix of quirky on air personalities combined with great hits make for the kind of radio that...
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KJSR 103.3 Star FM Classic Rock Music from Tulsa

With 52 minute music blocks and less commercials than most major market competitors, KJSR 103 STAR FM is Tulsa’s choice for classic rock. For those among us who really love the classic r...
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WSTZ 106.7 FM Classic Rock Music from Jackson

Jackson’s WSTZ 106.7 FM is Mississipi’s classic rock station, bringing you the rock hits you want plus news, weather, traffic, and more. Jackson keeps its radio locked on WSTZ 106.7 FM. ...
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XMusic Radio 90s Rock Music from Columbus

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KUFX 98.5 FM Classic Rock Music from San Francisco

Known as “98.5 KFOX”, KUFX 98.5 FM is broadcasting in San Jose, California offering classic rock music to those fans that are looking for the soothing beats of soft rock. KUFX is the o...
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WPYX 106.5 FM Classic Rock Music from Albany

WPYX 106.5 FM draws from the greatest rock artists of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to deliver Albany’s best classic rock mix. With more music every hour, plus news, weather and traffic upda...
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WAOR 95.3 FM Classic Rock Music from South Bend

Led Zeplin and Bruce Springsteen fans will be glad they found WAOR 95.3 FM. Besides “Over the Hills and far Away” and “Dancing in the Dark,” you’ll hear songs like “Every Rose has its Th...
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WWDC 101.1 FM Classic Rock Music from Washington

If you’re in Washington DC, WWDC 101.1 FM is the place for you to hear the best rock music. Do you like the driving rock of established rock bands like Metallica, Pearl Jam and AC/DC? Th...
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CIKR 105.7 K Rock FM Classic Rock Music from Kingston

At CIKR 105.7 K-Rock FM you’ll hear from all the rock legends, mixed up with a slew of the latest rock bands to come down the pipe. Get music from Airbourne and AC/DC, Theory of a Deadma...
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CITI 92.1 Citi FM Classic Rock Music from Winnipeg

When you’re in the mood for the best Classic Rock in Winnipeg, Manitoba, just head for the CITI! 92 CITI FM plays “Winnipeg’s Classic Rock,” from yesterday’s artists that you know and lo...
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WQKL 107.1 FM Classic Rock Music from Ann Arbor

For the best in adult alternative rock, tune your radio dial to Ann Arbor, Michigan’s WQKL107.1 FM. With the best mix of intelligent, adult alternative rock music, 107one is the radio st...
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WAXQ 104.3 FM Classic Rock Music from New York

Hard-core rockers in New York City listen to WAXQ 104.3 FM. No soft, love songs are heard on this station. You’ll hear songs like “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, “Money” by Pink Floy...
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