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WSFR 107.7 FM Classic Rock Music from Louisville

Folks in the Louisville, KY region know that when they want great classic rock, they just have to tune their radio dials to 107.7FM, WSFR. Tune in for classic rock radio the way it shoul...
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WCSX 94.7 FM Classic Rock Music from Detroit

Your home for classic rock that really rocks in the Detroit area is WCSX 94.7 FM. Not only does this station play your favorite rock music from yesterday, it also features a wonderful cr...
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KSHE 94.7 FM Classic Rock Music from St. Louis

KSHE 94.7 FM is a Crestwood, Missouri rock ‘n roll radio station. Listeners expect George Thorogood, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Boston, and also some older Van Halen, and they are not disap...
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KSLX 100.7 FM Classic Rock Music from Scottsdale

Broadcasting to the Phoenix metropolitan area, KSLX 100.7 FM plays classic rock music to its avid listeners. The channel is well-known for playing songs from popular bands such as The Do...
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Rock Radio 90s Rock Music from Palo Alto

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CIRK 97.3 FM Classic Rock Music from Edmonton

CIRK 97.3 FM K-97 Army rocks it out all day every day with guitar legends, metalheads, and classic rock that makes you sit up and take notice. K-97 is your rock station. Terry Evan...
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CILQ 107.1 FM Classic Rock Music from Toronto

CILQ 107.1 FM is a station that knows and loves its rock. With weekly programs that’ll take you through the greatest times in rock and roll history, from hair metal to classic rock to th...
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KTKX 106.7 Classic Rock Music from San Antonio

KTKX - Z106.7 FM is the paramount Top 40 radio station that treats the San Antonio Texas area with continual hits from the most famous recording stars in the entertainment industry. KPWT...
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WXMX 98.1 The Max FM Classic Rock Music from Memphis

Zeke and Drake are your hosts in the morning on WXMX 98.1 The Max. This due of cool cats know the kind of rock music that Tennessee likes to hear, and they play it for you to help you ge...
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Rock Radio Classic Hard Rock Music from Palo Alto

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WMGK 102.9 FM Classic Rock Music from Philadelphia

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WKLR 96.5 The Planet FM Classic Rock Music from Richmon...

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, WKLR 96.5 FM is your home for classic rock and so much more. If you’re tired of standard radio formats focusing more on advertisers and commercials than ...
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