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R & B music has been a staple of the American music landscape for decades. Starting out as a more urban version of traditional blues, R & B became one of the precursors of rock and roll. The genre grew from there, becoming a staple on the radio with the advent of Motown and the soul movement of the 1960s. Today, R & B covers a wide range of genres, from contemporary R & B artists such as Rihanna and D’Angelo to modern soul acts like Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. has the best collection of R & B available on Internet radio . We’ve brought together the best radio stations around into one place, eliminating the need for you to have to search from site to site. Unlike online music programs that work off of a pre-programmed list or attempt to “decide” what music you’ll like, these are real radio stations with set lists put together by professional DJs. And there are no subscriptions to pay -- this is all free online music streamed directly to your computer. Since it’s all free, there’s no reason not to explore different radio stations until you find the one that’s the perfect fit for you.

WCKX 107.5 Power FM R&B Music from Columbus

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WZUM 1550 AM R&B Classic Hits Music from Pittsburgh

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WFXC 107.1 Foxy FM R&B Music from Raleigh

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Boogie Radio R&B Music from Jackson

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Got Radio Urban Jams R&B Music from Antelope

The radio just became more fun with the online radio station network. offers listeners an experience second to none. People need never get bored again with one ...
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WCLM 1450 AM R&B Music from Richmond

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KBBG 88.1 FM R&B Music from Waterloo

The largest African-American owned and operated educational community station in the state of Iowa, KBBG 88.1 FM broadcasts at 10,000 watts. With the motto, “Communicate to Educate,” KBB...
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WUHT 107.7 Hot FM R&B Music from Birmingham

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WXMG 106.3 Magic FM R&B Music from Columbus

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Snakeice's House of Beats R&B Music from San Francisco

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KTGV 106.3 Groove FM R&B Music from Jonesville

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Alldanz R&B Music from Bethesda

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