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WSOX 96.1 FM Classic Hits Music from York

Susquehanna Valley’s greatest hits are found on WSOX 96.1 FM. If you live in the Susquehanna area, you can’t go wrong with the best music anywhere on WSOX. And if you’re like me and just...
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CKEC 94.1 FM Classic Hits Music from New Glasgow

Eastern Canada is a whole other universe, one that works on different time schedules and different roles. It’s an incredible place, one where the people are hard-working, kind, and love ...
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CHUC 107.9 The Breeze FM Classic Hits Music from Cobour...

CHUC 107.9 The Breeze FM brings you the greatest music of all time. The hits can’t hide from the team on the Breeze – whether they’re camping out in the seventies, the sixties, or right ...
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KFRC 106.9 Classic Hits Music from San Francisco

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WSRZ 107.9 FM Classic Hits Music from Sarasota

With more oldies packed in to every minute than any other radio station, WSRZ 107.9 FM is your choice to go way back. Based out of Sarasota, Florida, WSRZ is keeping it real and keeping ...
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La 91.3 FM 90s & 2000 Classic Hits Music from Valparais...

The 91 FM, began their transmissions online in 2002, today transmits the 24 hours during the seven days of the week through their two signals through Internet with a varied programming o...
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KJR 95.7 FM Classic Hits Music from Seattle

Western Washington’s keeps it rocking and rolling with 95.7 KJR FM. With a mix of music that features everything from Fleetwood Mac, Styx, and The Beatles, you can bet you’ll find the cl...
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WUPE 100.1 FM Classic Hits from North Adams

Whoopee! There is an incredible degree of excitement to be had with WUPE 100.1 FM. Fun is the order of the day and people around WUPE 100.1 FM are often so darn excited and so darn pleas...
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WNCL 101.3 Cool FM Classic Hits Music from Milford

Residents of Delmarva know that for cool oldies there is only one destination: WNCL Cool 101.3 Oldies. With more music than ever before and more great oldies hits for you, the listener, ...
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WKTU 98.3 Kool FM Classic Hits Music from Ocean City

For South Jersey’s classic hit music, tune in to WKTU 98.3 today. You can check out a great mix of music from Elton John, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Donna Summer, The Beach Boys, and any...
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XHFO 92.1 Universal FM Classic Hits from Miami

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WFGR 98.7 FM Classic Hits from Grand Rapids

Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, WFGR 98.7 FM plays a hot mix of oldies that will have you wishing for those old-fashioned days of the burger shops and the fountain drink stops. You’...
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