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We carry popular radio stations from around the world dedicated to blasting your favorite 80s music. Select from hundreds of popular 80s radio stations playing the best 80s dance, rock, hip-hop and much more. From Madonna to Smokey Robinson, you will love listening to your favorite free music online without interruptions! With so many radio stations to choose from, weíre certain you will find an eighties radio station you canít live without.

And while youíre here, donít forget to browse our other free, online radio stations. Whether you love 50s, 60s or 70s music, we have the radio station youíre searching for. You can also listen to jazz, rock or Christian music. How about a radio station blasting Top 40, country or reggae? Choose your station and compile a playlist that you can dance, sleep or drive to!

1 FM All Euro 80s Music from Southeastern

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AddictedToRadio Skatin' Jams Music from Chicago

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AddictedToRadio Classic New Wave 80s Music from Chicago

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202 FM Ultimate 80s Retro Music from San Francisco

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AddictedToRadio 80s Pop Hits Music from Chicago

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Sky FM Best of the 80's Music from New York

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181 FM Awesome 80s Retro Music from Waynesboro

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Big R Radio 80s Lite Retro Music from Mill Creek

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1 FM Back to the 80s Music from Southeastern

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1 FM Magic 80s Music from Southeastern

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80s Mixed Retro Music from New York

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Flashback Radio 80s Music from East Stroudsburg

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