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Since becoming popular in the United States in the 1970s, reggae music has gained countless followers who love the infectious rhythms and catchy melodies of the Jamaican music. But depending on where you live, there might not be a radio station that plays reggae music on a regular basis with the exception of a few hits such as Bob Marley classics. It can be very difficult and frustrating being a fan of reggae music when finding it on a regular basis is so difficult.

But can help you listen to all of your favorite reggae hits. We’ve collected the best online stations playing reggae music from around the world – including from Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean – into one place. There are many different styles of reggae music and we’ve got free Internet radio stations specializing in all the major subgenres, from the skanking beats of ska to dub and dancehall. If you love reggae music but can’t find it on your FM dial and are tired of pre-programmed Internet sites that don’t understand what reggae is all about, you can find a radio station playing your mix of reggae at

Reggaeton 247 Reggaeton Music from Adjuntas

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North Shore FM German Reggae Music from Bremen Germany

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Red 96.7 FM Reggae & Hip Hop Music from Luton United Ki...

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Riddim City FM Soca Music from Washington

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Da Flava Radio Reggae Music from Tucker

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