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The 1930s wasn’t just a depressed decade, in fact it’s when music really became a popular form of entertainment. In the 1930’s Big bands were in full swing along with the Jazz clubs and the ballroom halls being packed out with people wanting to have their spirits lifted.  Many people that were devastated by the depression and couldn’t afford entertainment would gather their families around the family radio and enjoy evenings filled with laughter, dancing and fun.

Although the decade is long gone 30’s music is not. One of the many ways to continue enjoying musical legends such as Marlene Dietrich, Glenn Miller and Fred Astaire, is through online radio . Whether you’re rediscovering these timeless classics or exploring them for the very first time, provides you with most comprehensive selection of classic 1930s internet radio stations completely free for your enjoyment.

Retro Jukebox Oldies 30s Music from Walkford Dorset Uni...

If you enjoy the styles of music from yesteryear and long to hear the dunes of days gone by, Retro Jukebox is where you want to be. Broadcasting all day every day from their website loca...
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WKHR 91.5 FM Oldies 30s Music from Chagrin Falls

What started as 88.3 on your FM dial in 1978 as a vocational broadcast class, WKHR gradually matured into a reminder of the great music that filled the air waves during the 30’s, 40’s, a...
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WHRO 90.3 HD3 Oldies 20s Music from Norfolk

For a great classical music station in Virginia and North Carolina, tune in to WHRO 90.3FM. It is one of the premier classical radio stations in the eastern U.S., offering the world’s gr...
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ORS Radio Vintage Music from Scottsdale

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Radio Dismuke Oldies 30s Music from Forth Worth

Radio Dismuke brings you back to one of the most vibrant decades in culture and entertainment, with the radio shows so legendary they’ve never since been equaled. Bringing you the progra...
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