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People love New Age music because of the calming, relaxing nature of the songs. It can be inspiring to many people, helping them to heal in times of trouble and creating a positive feeling that can motivate people to achieve their personal bests. If you are a New Age fan, you might have trouble finding a radio station that plays the songs you want to hear. But that isn’t the case at, as we have collected some of the best New Age Internet radio stations available, giving fans of the genre one place to come to find all of the best New Age music available on the Web.

Many online radio stations playing New Age music limit themselves to one style or cull playlists from a very small roster of artists. This is where is different. Instead of giving you just one option, we’ve brought together some of the best New Age music programming available online, with stations from across the United States and around the world. You won’t find a collection of diverse New Age music choices anywhere else. And best of all, this is entirely free music , giving you the ability to sample as many stations as you want until you find the exact right mix for your mood.

Sky FM World Music from New York

combines traditional world music with elements of new age, classical, pop, guitar, and electronic music, transforming it into a channel that is truly world beat.. style. From t...
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1 FM Brazilian Birds Nature Music from Southeastern

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WDKK Indie Music from Dayton

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PolskaStacja Eden Polish Top 100 Music from Wieliczka P...

If you want the very best New Age music played from a Polish perspective, you want to tune in to PolskaStacja Eden. This station is more than just another random collection of songs, as ...
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KLND 89.5 FM Native American Radio from Albuquerque

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