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Serving the community in and around Bologna in Italy, Paneburromarmellata 89.7 Italian AC is a radio station with a purpose. Playing a great mix of adult contemporary music, Paneburromarmellata isnít just a mouthful like a giant Italian meatball all covered in cheese, itís a great radio station with a difference to make in Italy. Whether youíre fluent in Italian or just getting acquainted with the region and its colourful personalities, Paneburromarmellata is a terrific place to study up and get acquainted with what the hard working citizens of one of the finest destinations in Europe are doing. Listen to the music, learn about the culture, and check out the food when you visit Italy. When you go back home, keep the flavour and tune in to Paneburromarmellata online at You can listen to the station online whenever you like, keeping a bit of Italian culture with you always.

For those curious about how Italians approach their adult contemporary, there might be a few surprises. For starters, the music mix is familiar to almost anyone with an ear for popular AC music. Paneburromarmellata 89.7 Italian AC plays a tremendous mix of music from around the world, but many of the top playlists are infused with music youíll already recognize. With artists like Robin Thicke, Take That, Oasis, Coldplay, Starsailor, and others, youíll find a good deal of Western-flavoured music on the airwaves in Italy. That doesnít mean Bolognaís choice for adult contemporary strays from its Italian roots, of course. The airwaves are filled with music from Italyís best artists, including Giusy Ferreri, Tiziano Ferro, Jovanotti, Ligabue, and more, Italian music is represented frequently on Paneburromarmellata FM.

So whether youíre into Ne-Yo or Vasco Rossi, Christina Aguilera or Carlotta, Katy Perry or Negramaro, youíll be sure that youíll find a great mix of music on Paneburromarmellata 89.7 Italian AC from Bologna. Tune in today and get a dose of Italian culture with the music, sounds, and experiences of the people of Bologna. Whether you speak Italian fluently, are just learning it, or donít know a word of it, youíll find something to take home from Paneburromarmellata FM.
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