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For a fresh experience, check out Radio Yasoo Greek. Itís Greek music, sure, but itís pumped out to the airwaves by an Israeli station. The meshing of cultures may seem unlikely, but itís actually closer than you think and the results are fascinating and endlessly fun. For a taste of cultures that you might not have had in a while, you need a little bit of Radio Yasoo Greek in your life. Tune in online at and check out a great mix of music and entertainment. The website allows for translation into English, Hebrew, and Greek, making it an open experience for any visitor.

You can get in on the action many different ways. For starters, you can download podcasts of the action and get yourself some Greek music for your MP3 device. That will let you take the magic anywhere you have to go and will allow you the advantage of having more energetic, fun music than all of your friends. The other option is the streaming option, of course. Check out Radio Yasoo Greek programming all day long on your computer through WinAmp, Real Player, or Windows Media Player. Regardless of your selection, youíll be happy just as soon as you start hearing that sweet, soulful Greek music coming through your speakers.

As if that wasnít enough, Radio Yasoo Greek also provides a whole lot of information youíre sure to find useful. News on world events, local events, and everything in between is regularly featured on Radio Yasoo Greek, the webís best bet for Israeli and Greek relations. Check it out today and bring a slice of pita for me!
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I love it !
Please give me an idea where to find your radio yasoo station on my local regular radio set.
What is the freqency ?
Hope that you are not only online.

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