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It was only 25 years ago that hip-hop was something that was definitely in the underground – while there were millions of fans who loved the beats of legends like Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash and Africa Baambaata, most Americans had little interest in hip-hop music. But how times have changed – anyone listening to the radio or watching music television can see that hip-hop is the driving force in today’s music culture, featuring a driving beat that has spawned many sub-genres that have shaped pop culture and created some of the music industry’s biggest stars.

No matter what style of hip-hop music you like, you can find an Internet radio station that matches your tastes here at Whether you like old school classics or the freshest beats from the new school, you can find them here, as we’ve scoured the globe to find the latest, most mind-blowing tunes from hip-hop legends and up-and-coming talent. These are prime cuts coming from real DJs – not some machine program guessing what you might like. And every radio station streams nothing but free music, meaning you never pay a cent for the best hip-hop in the world. How cool is that?

WIBB 97.9 FM Hip Hop Music from Macon

Macon, Georgia residents know that WIBB 97.9 FM is the number one station for hip hop and R&B. You’ll hear songs like “Rockin’ That Thang” by The-dream, “If I Ruled The World” by Nas, “Y...
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Raute Musik FM Hip Hop Music from Aachen Germany

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GoGo Radio Gogo Music from Washington

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KXHT 107.1 Hot FM Hip Hop Music from Memphis

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WSBY 98.9 Magic FM Hip Hop Music from Salisbury

Featuring the Steve Harvey Morning Show and a whole day’s worth of great programs and sweet music, WSBY 98.9 FM is well worth the listen. With the best in modern pop and R&B tracks, alon...
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KYLD 94.9 Wild FM Top 40 Music from San Francisco

Broadcasting over the air from its base in San Francisco, California, KYLD 94.9 FM offers a hot music assortment of rhythmic pop, hip-hop and R&B. Owned by Clear Channel Communications w...
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WHTD 102.7 Hot FM Hip Hop Music from Detroit

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WIZF 101.1 The Wiz FM Hip Hop Music from Cincinnati

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DaOne Radio Hip Hop Music from Miami

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KHXT 107.9 Hot FM Hip Hop Music from Lafayette

KHXT 107.9 FM (also known as Hot 107.9) is a Top 40 station broadcasting out of Lafayette. The tunes are primarily contemporary but the on air personalities also provide for a good bit o...
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KDDB 102.7 Da Bomb FM Hip Hop Music from Honolulu

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WPYO 95.3 Power FM Hip Hop Music from Orlando

If you dig urban and dance music, you’re going to LOVE WPYO 95.3 FM in Orlando. Now here’s a station with pop, with zing, with zest, with flavor! Check it out today on your radio dial or...
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