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Featuring crunching guitars, thundering drums and bombastic vocals, heavy metal music has had a place in the hearts of metal heads around the world for decades. Artists such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin defined the genre in the 1960s and 1970s, while bands such as Metallica and Anthrax sped up the tempos and increased the aggression in the 1980s while also breaking through to the mainstream. But despite the ongoing appeal of heavy metal, itís becoming increasingly difficult to find free radio stations dedication to playing the hottest metal tracks.

If youíre a confirmed metal fan who canít find the mix of music you want on the radio, itís time you turned to Many of the most popular and influential heavy metal music programming have moved to online radio in recent years, as artists and fans have used the ubiquity of the Internet to forge new distribution methods and ways to connect with each other. Weíve collected the best online radio stations in the world here, making it easy for you to find a station that plays exactly what you are looking for.  Whether your passion is speed metal or prog rock, youíll find it here at

Insane Realm Heavy Metal Music from Washington

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WQLZ 92.7 FM Heavy Metal Music from Springfield

Rocking out isnít easy, but the people at WQLZ 92.7 FM certainly make it look and sound that way. Check out Springfieldís finest rock station on your FM dial at 92.7 FM in the area or on...
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Hard n Heavy Radio Heavy Metal Music from New York

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Infernal Rock Radio Heavy Metal Music from Independence

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KQLZ Pirate Radio Heavy Metal Music for Los Angeles

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Nu Metal Rock and Heavy Metal Music from Lancaster

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Rock Radio Melodic Death Metal Rock Music from Palo Alt...

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Rock Radio Death Metal Rock Music from Palo Alto

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CMS Radio Heavy Metal Music from Twinsburg

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Rock Radio Rap Metal Rock Music from Palo Alto

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Rock Radio Deathcore Metal Rock Music from Palo Alto

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Rock Radio Power Metal Rock Music from Palo Alto

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