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Electronic music has exploded on the music scene, growing from an underground form of music in the 1980s to a musical phenomenon today. Kids who grew up on electronic and other forms of music are growing up, but they arenít growing out of this exciting genre of music. Whether itís in the club or getting music online, fans of electronic music are always interested in hearing the latest beats and drops from the top DJs around the world. Itís an ever-changing music scene, and it can be tough to stay ahead of the latest trends Ė especially when electronic music is such a global phenomenon.

At, we let you listen to be best electronic music from radio stations around the world. Weíve collected the best radio stations featuring the hottest DJs playing every type of electronic music imaginable. This includes stations that specialize in ambient, house, trance, breakbeat, chill out, drum and bass, downtempo and dub. We even have stations dedicated to the hottest DJs performing exclusive live sets, as well as mash-ups of songs you wonít find anywhere else. Best of all, unlike other Internet radio services, everything on is free. So get caught up on all of the latest electronic music beats here at

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