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There are so many choices when it comes to online radio stations, it can become confusing and frustrating to even decide where to start. This can be especially true with classical music – listeners have very refined tastes, and with centuries of composers and styles to choose from, finding music that fits their unique tastes can seem almost impossible. Here at, we’ve found a solution. We’ve put together a roster of the best Internet radio stations from around the world. This includes a whole roster of stations focusing on nothing but music from great classical masters like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, along with other stations concentrating on the latest pieces from major contemporary composers.

If you love classical music, then is the place to be. Because we carry live streams of actual free radio stations instead of pre-programmed or automated tracks, you can be assured that you’ll always hear a mix of music that has been hand-picked for your listening pleasure. Don’t worry about jarring jumps between different styles of music here – the top classical DJs in the world are on hand to make sure you can relax and hear some soul-satisfying classical greats.

KHPR 88.1 FM Classical Music from Honolulu

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WFYI 92.3 FM Classical Music from Indianapolis

WFYI 92.3 FM is your station in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where you can hear the very best classic rock music around. On WFYI you will get all of the Queen, Led Zepplin, Van Halen, The Police...
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KWAX 91.1 FM Classical Music from Eugene

KWAX 91.1 FM is operated by the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. KWAX is run completely by listener donations and sponsorships and is committed to providing the best in classical ...
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KFUO 99.1 FM Classical Music from St. Louis

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WCPE 89.7 FM Classical Music from Wake Forest

WCPE 89.7 FM embraces a global audience with their dedication to excellence in classical music programming. The station feels it is their duty to enhance the quality of life in the Ralei...
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KUNI 90.9 Studio One FM Classical Music from Des Moines

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KWTU 88.7 FM Classical Music from Tulsa

As a National Public Radio (NPR) station, KWTU 88.7 FM brings anything and everything that might interest the public from world news to local news and other events that are happ...
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VPR Classical Music from Colchester

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WNED 94.5 FM Classical Music from Buffalo

Supporting the public arts is a crucial element of any good community, which is why WNED 94.5 FM is such an important staple in the Buffalo and Toronto area. By uniting both Buffalo and ...
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4MBS Classical Music from Brisbane Austrailia

Not content with merely playing Mozart and Schubert over and over, this classical station has a true love for music and explores its genre in depth with a variety of amazing and insightf...
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KRWG 90.7 FM Classical Music from Las Cruces

KRWG 90.7 FM hails from Las Cruces, New Mexico, and is affiliated with National Public Radio. It covers southern New Mexico and west Texas. As such, the radio station offers an eclectic ...
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CBC Radio One 91.5 FM Stereo Classical Music from Toron...

Join CBC Stereo for the Private Function as they break down the history, art and research for film musical composition. A program dedicated to evoking emotions and experience, the Privat...
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