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There are so many choices when it comes to online radio stations, it can become confusing and frustrating to even decide where to start. This can be especially true with classical music – listeners have very refined tastes, and with centuries of composers and styles to choose from, finding music that fits their unique tastes can seem almost impossible. Here at, we’ve found a solution. We’ve put together a roster of the best Internet radio stations from around the world. This includes a whole roster of stations focusing on nothing but music from great classical masters like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, along with other stations concentrating on the latest pieces from major contemporary composers.

If you love classical music, then is the place to be. Because we carry live streams of actual free radio stations instead of pre-programmed or automated tracks, you can be assured that you’ll always hear a mix of music that has been hand-picked for your listening pleasure. Don’t worry about jarring jumps between different styles of music here – the top classical DJs in the world are on hand to make sure you can relax and hear some soul-satisfying classical greats.

CFMX 96.3 FM Classical Music from Toronto

Celebrating over twenty-five years as Toronto’s classical radio station, CFMX prides itself on bringing its listeners the best classical programming and the most beautiful compositions a...
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WFCR-HD2 88.5 FM Classical Music from Amherst

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WFCR 88.5 FM Classical Music from Amherst

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WUFT 89.1 FM Classical Music from Gainesville

Public radio can be a wonderful thing, especially in this day and age of corporate sponsorships and advertisers dictating what radio stations can and cannot play. Instead of paying atten...
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WBJC 91.5 FM Classical Music from Baltimore

For classical music and artistic programming, listen 24 hours a day to WBJC 91.5 FM. It was founded in 1952, and is a public, non-commercial radio station that reaches more than 180,000 ...
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WETA 90.9 FM Classical Music from Washington

WETA 90.9 FM is Washington’s home for classical and inspirational programming on your radio dial. Based out of Arlington, Virginia, WETA 90.9 FM takes an awful lot of pride in providing ...
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RSC Classical Music from Berne Switzerland

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KSUI 91.7 FM Classical Music from Iowa City

KSUI 91.7 FM is a public radio station based in Iowa, operated by the Public Radio Broadcasting Services of the University of Iowa and paired up with Iowa Public Radio (IPR). KSUI 91.7 F...
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KVNO 90.7 FM Classical Music from Omaha

KVNO 90.7 FM is Omaha’s premier public radio station, dedicated to enlightening and inspiring listeners with classic music and professional programming. KVNO graces airwaves with the bes...
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ABC Classical Music from Sydney Australia

Innovative programming make ABC Classic your best source for classical music and insight on the airwaves. Join Stephen Watkins for The God Who Sings as he presents music accompanied by t...
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KING 98.1 FM Classical Music from Seattle

KING 98.1 FM broadcasts classical music and fine arts programming around the clock to residents of Seattle, Washington. KING FM is dedicated to preserving and promoting the arts in the P...
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KCNV 89.7 FM Classical Music from Las Vegas

KCNV FM is Las Vegas’ public radio station, located at 89.7 on your FM dial. As part of Nevada Public Radio, the station participates in a larger network that includes KNPR FM 88.9 in La...
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