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CKJH 750 AM Oldies 60s Music from Melfort

For the best selection of sixties, seventies, and eighties music, Melfort, Saskatchewan turns the dial to CKJH CK750 AM. With the best hits from the artists you love, and the fewest inte...
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CJVR 105.1 FM Country Music from Melfort

At CJVR 105.1 FM, the sports leader for Northeast and Central Saskatchewan goes the extra mile with hours of country music and a fantastic news team keeping its listeners up to date on e...
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CHQX 101.5 Mix FM Rock and Roll Music from Melfort

CHQX 101.5 Mix 101 FM plays every kind of music under the sun, picking the best artists from every genre and bringing you the music thatíll make you fall in love with everything from ind...
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