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CHOK 1070 AM Country Music from Sarnia

CHOK 1070 FM keeps it all country and all community with artists like Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban and programs that keep their listeners up to date with what’s going on in local new...
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CHKS 106.3 FM Alternative Rock Music from Sarnia

Rock never dies, it only creates new legends. CHKS 106.3 FM knows that better than anyone, putting the classics alongside up-and-coming new heroes of rock. Get up in the morning with...
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CFGX 99.9 Fox FM Adult Contemporary Music from Sarnia

The best in sports radio puts a hefty emphasis on football and hockey. With all the sports news non-stop around the clock, you’ll never miss out on a game, a trade, or an up-and-coming n...
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CKBT 91.5 Beat FM Top 40 Music from Sarnia

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