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CFLY 98.3 Fly FM Adult Contemporary Music from Kingston

Everything Kingston needs in a radio station is right here on FLY FM, from the news you need to know to the best music to sing and dance along to. Along with innovative and insightful ta...
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CIKR 105.7 K Rock FM Classic Rock Music from Kingston

At CIKR 105.7 K-Rock FM youíll hear from all the rock legends, mixed up with a slew of the latest rock bands to come down the pipe. Get music from Airbourne and AC/DC, Theory of a Deadma...
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CFRC 101.9 Queens University FM College Stations Music ...

With a place as diverse as Kingston, 101.9 canít afford to be ordinary. With innovative music and talk radio programming, 101.9 holds its own in alternative music and some of the best di...
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