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CKPE 94.9 The Cape FM Adult Contemporary Music from Syd...

Cape Breton may be known for its fiddle music and its deep culture, but CKPE represents a flash of the new and the old with its solid mix of the hits from the 80s, 90s, and today. Reside...
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CKCH 103.5 The Eagle FM Country Music from Sydney

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CHER 98.3 Max FM Classic Rock Music from Sydney

Cape Breton is taking it to the max with the most powerful rock station on the airwaves CHER 98.3 Max FM, blasting the true rock that makes it all worthwhile. The Max Morning Show is...
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CJCB 1270 AM Country Music from Sydney

Cape Breton has only one station they turn to for country music, and itís CJCB 1270 AM Country. With all the music country lovers need, entertainment and news updates, and some of the mo...
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CHRK 101.9 The Giant FM Top 40 Music from Sydney

Cape Breton knows which station plays all the hottest hits to keep them dancing all day long, and thatís why they keep the dial tuned to CHRK 101.9 The Giant FM. Breaking down the charts...
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