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CHFX 101.9 FM Country Music from Halifax

Country music and real community radio make CHFX FX 101.9 FM your choice for great music and the radio personalities that keep you smiling all day long. Denyse Sibley will start your...
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CJCH 101.3 The Bounce FM Top 40 Music from Halifax

CJCH 101.3 Bounce FM drop it like itís hot here, thatís because they only play the smoking hits that has everyone heating up the dance floor. Frankie Hollywood, Jordan Knight, and Am...
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CIOO 100.1 FM Top 40 Music from Halifax

CIOO 100.1 FM brings you todayís best music with great hosts and specialty music shows for all your favorite genres and styles. Fantastic music through the ages has a home here on C100, ...
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CHNS 89.9 Hal FM Classic Rock Music from Halifax

When you want the best Classic Rock in Halifax, Nova Scotia, youíve got to tune into CHNS 89.9 HAL FM. The best selection of great rock hits from your favorite bands from yesterday, and ...
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CJLU 93.9 FM Southern Gospel Music from Halifax

CJLU 93.9 FM is the premium Christian Praise radio station that elates the Halifax Nova Scotia area with the finest transforming religious and spiritual conversations, lectures, sermons,...
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CKHZ 103.5 FM Top 40 Music from Halifax

CKHZ - Z103.5 FM is the consummate Top 40 radio station that delights the Halifax Nova Scotia area with ceaseless hits from the most mesmerizing recording artists in the world. CKHZ - Z1...
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CFRQ 104.3 FM Classic Rock Music from Halifax

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CKRH 98.5 FM French Adult Contemporary Music from Nova ...

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