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CKSJ 101.1 Coast FM Easy Listening Music from St. Johns

Coming live to you from the "Far East of the World," CKSJ Coast 101.1 FM isn't from Japan or China. Nope, it's from St. John's, Newfoundland, and it represents a culture that deserves to...
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CJYQ 930 AM Celtic Music from St. John

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CHOZ 94.7 Oz FM Top 40 Music from St Johns

Want to know what the hottest music in the industry is right now? OZ will keep you in the loop and on top of the best music topping the charts around the world with non-stop tunes all da...
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VOCM 590 AM Adult Contemporary Music from St. Johns

For more than 70 years, Newfoundland residents have turned to VOCM AM 590 AC for news and talk radio. This award winning station has been recognized at regional and international competi...
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CKIX 99.1 FM Top 40 Music from St Johns

Newfoundland’s hit music station is CKIX 99.1 Hits FM. If personality is important to you, CKIX 99.1 Hits FM Top 40 has it in spades. With one of the most exciting and engaging core gro...
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VOCM 97.5 K-Rock FM Classic Rock Music from St.Johns

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