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CJXL 96.9 FM Country Music from Moncton

Today’s best country music is always playing at CJXL 96.9 FM. With the hosts that keep you smiling and the music that sets your heart aflutter, this is your station for the country music...
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CKCW 94.5 FM Top 40 Music from Moncton

CKCW - K94 5 FM is the terrific Top 40 radio station that excites the Moncton New Brunswick area with unceasing hits from the most interesting recording stars on Earth. CKCW - K94 5 FM i...
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CFQM 103.9 Magic FM Adult Contemporary Music from Monct...

CFQM 103.9 FM known as Magic 104 plays “a fresher mix of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and now” for Moncton, New Brunswick. With a refreshing blend of lite hits and DJs who feature family-frien...
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CJMO 103.1 FM Classic Rock Music from Moncton

Rock out all day long with CJMO 103.1 FM, where the party never ends. With music from all the rockers you know and love and the new bands you need to hear, this is where rock music goes ...
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CHOY 99.9 FM French Rock Music Moncton

Get your favorite music on CHOY 99.9 FM with the best in French and English artists blasting through your airwaves and keeping you dancing all day long. You’ll hear your favorite artists...
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CITA 105.1 FM Christian Contemporary Music from Moncton...

When Moncton needs spiritual guidance and uplifting radio programming, they turn to CITA 105.1 FM. With family friendly radio that includes faith programs, gospel, lifestyle insight, and...
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