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CKHJ 1260 AM Country Music from Fredericton

Folks in Fredericton work hard and need their radio station to work harder. So when they tune their radio dials into CKHJ 1260 AM, KHJ Today’s Country , they expect the best. And thanks ...
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CIHI 93.1 Up! FM Adult Contemporary Music from Frederic...

In Fredericton, New Brunswick, there’s no better place to turn on your radio for today's top 40 than 93.1 Up! 93.1 FM. They’ve got a lock on tons of great hit music. Tune in for the best...
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CHSR 97.9 FM College Stations from Fredericton

CHSR FM 97.9 is a Fredericton focussed medium through which enjoyable, enlightening and quality radio programming can be produced by individual members or groups in the community. The ty...
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CJRI 94.7 FM Southern Gospel Music from Fredericton

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CFXY 105.3 The Fox FM Rock and Roll Music from Frederic...

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CIXN 96.5 Joy FM Christian Contemporary Music from Fred...

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