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CHVN 95.1 FM Christian Top 40 Music from Winnipeg

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CJOB 680 AM News Talk Radio from Winnipeg

CJOB is a talk radio station located in Winnipeg, Canada which is found on 680 AM. CJOB has been one of the highest rated radio stations in Winnipeg for many years. Many of the CJOB pro...
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CKJS 810 AM Variety Radio from Winnipeg

The radio stations of old existed to serve the people and didn’t exclude based on gender, race, or language. Today’s modern radio stations practice endless varieties of exclusiveness, to...
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CFJL 100.7 The Breeze FM Easy Listening Music from Winn...

All your favorite easy listening artists are right here on CFJL 100.7 The Breeze FM as they play continuous easy listening tunes for your office all day long. You’ll hear such artists as...
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CHWE 106.1 Top 40 Music from Winnipeg

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CFQX 104.1 FM Country Music from Winnipeg

The country never stops at 104 FM as they bring you the latest from Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Darius Rucker, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Jimmy Wayne, Paul Brandt, and ma...
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CFRW 1290 AM Sports Radio from Winnipeg

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CFWM 99.9 Bob FM Variety Music from Winnepeg

CFWM 99.9 BOB FM is Winnipeg, Manitoba’s source for great music day and night. BOB plays music from the 80’s…90’s…& Whatever, and brings listeners all the local news and community infor...
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CKMM 103.1 Hot FM Top 40 Music from Winnipeg

CKMM - Hot 103 FM is the unrivaled Top 40 radio station that exhilarates the Winnipeg Manitoba area with constant hits from the most chart-shredding musicians in the nation. There is no ...
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One FM Electro House Music from Winnipeg

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CITI 92.1 Citi FM Classic Rock Music from Winnipeg

When you’re in the mood for the best Classic Rock in Winnipeg, Manitoba, just head for the CITI! 92 CITI FM plays “Winnipeg’s Classic Rock,” from yesterday’s artists that you know and lo...
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CHIQ 94.3 Fab FM Retro 60s and 70s Music from Winnipeg

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