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CKLF 94.7 Star FM Top 40 Music from Brandon

Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba behind Winnipeg and is a major hub for the agricultural area. It’s also a major hub for “cool” and nothing sums that up more than Brandon’s...
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CKXA 101.1 Farm FM Country Music from Brandon

Folks in Brandon, Manitoba, know that for the best in continuous country, 101.1 The Farm is the prime spot to roost. Whether listeners are in the mood for Garth Brooks or Carrie Underwoo...
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CKLQ 880 AM Country Music from Brandon

Brandon, Manitoba, is filled with people who love to be in touch with their roots. And that’s why the good people of Brandon listen to CKLQ 880 AM each and every day of the hard-workin’,...
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CKX 96.1 Bob FM Variety Music from Brandon

KX96 is Western Manitoba's only variety station. The best of the old and the best of the new is how KX96 plays Westman's Best Variety music. Serving a listening area that reaches all o...
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CJJJ CJ 106.5 FM Alternative Rock Music from Brandon

CJJJ CJ 106.5 FM is offering an alternative to Assiniboine’s Campus Community and Brandon. An alternative to boring, same old same old radio shows that play all the same music and have a...
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