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CKNG 92.5 Fresh FM Variety Radio from Edmontons

CKNG 92.5 Fresh FM plays the very best music from the 80ís and the 90ís, great hits from today, and anything else the DJs feel like playing! With a wide-open musical format and fun on-ai...
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CKRA 96.3 Capital FM Retro 70s Music from Edmonton

For Edmontonís greatest hits, keep your radio locked to Capital FM CKRA 96.3. Listeners love the throwback style of the new 96.3 as the music rolls out a mixture of great tracks from yes...
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CFBR 100.3 The Bear FM Rock and Roll Music from Edmonto...

Want to hear great rock bands like Finger Eleven, My Chemical Romance, and The Killers? Set your dial to Edmontonís number one rock station CFBR 100.3 The Bear for the best mix of new ro...
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CISN 103.9 FM Country Music from Edmonton

CISN 103.9 FM country music station, where they play the legends of old alongside the names that are making country great in the new millennium. With great DJs and shows along with tons ...
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CHED 630 AM News Talk Radio from Edmonton

630 CHED delivers all of the latest news, talk and sports to Edmonton, Alberta. Although the primary focus of CHED is delivering breaking news programs and talk radio, CHED is the offic...
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CIRK 97.3 FM Classic Rock Music from Edmonton

CIRK 97.3 FM K-97 Army rocks it out all day every day with guitar legends, metalheads, and classic rock that makes you sit up and take notice. K-97 is your rock station. Terry Evan...
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CFRN 1260 The Team AM Sports Radio from Edmonton

It has to be admitted that some of the most gung ho sports fans in the nation can be found in Alberta, and the radio station that more area sports fans have trusted through the many year...
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CJSR 88.5 University of Alberta FM College Station from...

If youíre tired of hearing the same music over and over again, CJSR 88.5 FM has the solution to your problem. With eclectic mixes of music from folk to rock to trance, every time you tur...
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CKUA 94.9 FM Variety Radio from Edmonton

CKUA 94.9 FM radio came into existence at the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton back in 1927. The idea was to provide a sense of educational radio for its listeners and to provide...
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CHDI 102.9 Sonic FM Alternative Rock Music from Edmonto...

ďEdmontonís Modern RockĒ, is found on CHDI 102.9 Sonic FM, playing a variety of modern rock hits 24 hours a day. Tune in for great music from Audioslave, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offsp...
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CKER 101.7 Variety Radio from Edmonton

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CJRY 105.9 Shine FM Christian Contemporary Music from E...

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